When is Double Clicking on a Computer a Faux Pas?

When is Double Clicking on a Computer a Faux Pas?

Bright AM

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Should I single click, or double click?  This is a common question asked (or thought) by most new computer users.  Experienced users automatically single or double click when necessary.


Here are some general rules to follow:

Rule #1: Don’t double-click in a Web browser. Ever. Links, buttons, tabs, toolbar icons, and everything else you’re likely to encounter in your browser require one click and one click only. If you double-click, say, a payment button for an online purchase, you’ll end up paying twice.


Rule #2: Don’t double-click the quick-launch program icons in your Windows task-bar (you know, the ones to the right of the Start button). Part of what makes these “quick” is that they require only one click. In fact, don’t double-click anything in the task bar.


Rule #3: Do double-click program icons on your desktop (when you want to run those programs) and files/folders you want to open. And that’s it. You’ll rarely ever need to double-click anything else in Windows.


Bluestreak is a browser application.  There are no places where a double click is necessary.  At best, double clicking can cause unnecessary server processing.  At worst, it can create duplicate (or more) records.

So remember, lighten up on that pointer finger.