What’s In a Name? Part III

What’s In a Name? Part III

Bright AM

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“The Power and the Significance of a Name”

Have any of you created a song, oil painting, a poem or started your own business? If you have, most likely you gave it a name or title. In a previous post, we gave a short explanation on how we came about naming our company “Bluestreak”. And recently, Bluestreak added a new software solution exclusively designed for the Additive Manufacturing industry. Many times it’s just referred to as simply, “AM.” (If you aren’t familiar with this new manufacturing technology, you will very soon, because it is changing the world of manufacturing!)

Once again the marketing team got together for a brain storming session to name our “new baby.” What impression would the name reflect? Is the name already taken? Could the name grow as our company grows? Well, making a long story short, we finally agreed upon “Bright AM.” As you can see, it is a play on words with its meaning-intelligent, quick, proficient, resourceful and a shining light within the AM industry. We hope you like it!