What’s in a Name? Part II

What’s in a Name? Part II

Bright AM

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Very often the first piece of information we have about a person or company is The Name. And, we often form judgments based around the name. Is it a positive or negative impression? Sometimes, we can know immediately, what the company service or product it sells, by its name. In a previous blog by Marisa Oeltjen, she describes how the concept of naming our company, Throughput Consulting came about. But, have you wondered how the heck we decided on the name Bluestreak, for our MES/QMS software solution?

Well, it began in 2006 when we first formed our company. It was during a creative company brain storming session where we exuberantly listed all our features, benefits and key results our software offered – too many to wrap up in a few words for a product name.

Then like a bolt of lightning, we realized we were all talking “a blue streak.” Some of you might be too young to know the expression and analogy but it means: Like the speed and force of a bolt of lightning. To “talk a blue streak” means to speak rapidly and excitedly. So there you have it…a bit of our company history.