We Believe in Customer-Driven Development.

We Believe in Customer-Driven Development.

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Bluestreak was developed with the purpose of offering a new and improved modern software solution. This was accomplished with the aid and input of one of our original customers. The initial release of Bluestreak was in 2006. Since then, Bluestreak has evolved to include SPC controls, advanced control plans, document management, and so much more. These features, as well as almost everything else within the system were developed per the request of our customers.

Just like technology, our software is ever evolving. The data or process that worked last year may not meet the needs of today. As new features are requested, we carefully consider and analyze them before development. Furthermore, as these new features are developed and placed into production, we continually request feedback from our customers on these updates. We continuously strive to follow the industry’s best practices.

From my experience, many users think of software as something they are mandated to use. If the software does not make your workflow more efficient, this is something we need to know. Communicating what issues you are facing could help us understand your needs and make changes accordingly.

We continue to look forward to working with our customers to make Bluestreak more efficient, accommodating, and user friendly.