Want Some Free Advice?

Want Some Free Advice?

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This applies if you are an employer or an employee. It covers your relationships to your coworkers and management. Likewise, it holds true for customers, business partners, and prospects. It is very pertinent to HR managers, CEOs, sales people and marketing people. You’ll find it’s affects in advertising, promotion and product development. I cannot think of a role, job, classification, title, position, responsibility, relationship or communication that doesn’t have need of this key principle. Want to know what it is?


People only know what they know.


That’s it! It is a very simple principle. However, it has untold number of ramifications if you don’t follow it. I’m sure you are thinking of some already. You may initially think it is just for ‘leadership’, right? Nope! It works in general life as well. It is no respecter of persons. It applies to all of us. When you don’t remember it, you will fail to get the results you want and those affected by it become frustrated (and maybe even agitated by it).


Here’s the deal, it’s unfair to hold anyone accountable for something they never knew. Makes sense doesn’t it? Keep this principle in mind everyday – it will make you a better communicator. And remember, don’t assume people know. That’s the key to winning the battle over expectations. You cannot hold anyone to an expectation you have never shared. This principle will change every relationship you have; professionally and personally.