Two Important Scenarios for Business Owners to Implement a Customer Portal During the COVID-19 Reopening Phase

Two Important Scenarios for Business Owners to Implement a Customer Portal During the COVID-19 Reopening Phase

Jean Wenzel

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The benefits of offering a Customer Portal for your company has never been more important than right now, during the business “reopening phase” of the CORONA Virus.

A customer portal is a software interface that gives customers online, self-service visibility into their interactions with your company.  For example, in the past, if a customer wanted to know the status of a part being produced on the production floor, he or she would have to contact a member of your support team and wait for a rep to respond.  Now, customers can find this information independently, through a secure login into one easy-to-use location, (online portal).

Customers want the same things that you do; questions answered and their problems solved quickly- information 24X7 when it is most convenient for them. It’s always an ongoing challenge for businesses to respond immediately with the right answers.  But what about now, post-COVID-19 lock-down? With pent up stress and pressure to rev-up business again, how can a customer portal benefit you/your employees and your customers? 

Usually, we think of customer portals as a requirement to keep customers happy, but what about keeping your employees happy-working smarter, more efficiently, and likely with less frustration?  

Doing MORE with LESS
Scenario 1:  Whether you’ve continued to manufacture or you’re ramping back up after COVID-19, you may find yourself with fewer people due to sickness, extended layoffs, or less employees due to social distancing requirements.  How do you get more done with fewer people?

Get MORE Done with SAME Resources
Scenario 2:  You have all your employees, but now you really need to ramp up because demand is increasing from the customers that previously canceled or postponed orders.  How do you get more done with the same people and resources?

If you find your shop needing to increase productivity NOW, read on …

Automatized software from Bluestreak I Bright AM™ can increase employee efficiency while maximizing customer satisfaction with Bright AM I Customer Connector Portal .

How many phone calls do you receive daily from customers inquiring about order status?  How much productivity is lost fielding these calls and searching for paperwork?  Now customers can self-serve by viewing and printing invoices and credits, shippers, certification statements, see real-time counts of each part number in every stage of processing – from receiving to invoicing status of orders and much more! Finally, all content within the self-service portal is optimized for desktop, tablet, and mobile users.

When a customer feels like they have convenient access to important information and can resolve issues in a timely and transparent manner, they are far less likely to go elsewhere.  For more information about all Bluestreak I Bright AM™ suite of software products, visit: or (for Additive Manufacturing).