QUALITY- A Corporate Culture to Control Quality’s Impact on the Entire Enterprise

QUALITY- A Corporate Culture to Control Quality’s Impact on the Entire Enterprise

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Last week while cleaning out my electronic files, I came across an old resume. I took a few minutes to reminisce my employment journey which included a sales position at ASQ (American Society for Quality ). I remember just weeks after starting, the PR department unveiled an aggressive promotional campaign to announce their new name from ASQC (American Society for Quality Control) to ASQ, dropping “Control” to formally adopt a new mission promoting performance excellence in a broad range or organizations and activities worldwide.

Looking back, this philosophy was also a byproduct in increasing membership from its core member segment, Quality Control personnel, to other quality related departments such as, engineering, design, and purchasing.

To achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction and company profits, why wouldn’t everyone in an organization, at ALL levels accepted responsibility for quality and demonstrate quality principals to archive better outcomes? Employees make decisions based on information. If quality is the job of everyone, information about company sales, customer requirements, training, productivity, delivery of parts, etc., effects the activities of all departments and are vital in factual decision making.

Using Bluestreak I MES I QMS™ as a software tool, we can help you improve your quality outcomes and your company’s enterprise-wide Quality Management Program by knocking down “department silos.” Empower ALL departments to perform their tasks with the advantage of real-time information within our automated quality management software.

At ASQ I had the pleasure of meeting some of the “Quality Gurus” such as Phillip B. Crosby author of “Quality is Free,” and the “Father” of Quality, Joseph M. Juran. If you are curious to look back on the top six thought leaders who changed the quality landscape, watch an excellent 6:30 minute video from ASQTV here