Online Training Tips for Success

Online Training Tips for Success

Bright AM

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In a previous blog post we reviewed the different options of training that we offer here at Bluestreak|BrightAM. Online training is an essential part of optimal success when learning a new software application. We have a responsibly on our end to create a structured clear training session, but it is up to the user (you & your staff) to prepare for each online training session as well. Here are some tips to execute an effective online training session:


1. Choose a time for the meeting that best fits into everyone’s schedule. We are usually very flexible with meeting times throughout the week. Let us know works the best for you!

2. Arrive in the meeting a few minutes early to ensure a prompt start time.

3. Find a quiet place to hold the meeting.

4. Minimize all outside distractions.

5. Review meeting agenda prior to actual meeting. If you don’t have a specific agenda, that is okay, but make some notes on specific areas you would like to cover.

6. Prepare questions ahead of time. Obviously, there is a likelihood questions will arise during the meeting…please ask away! That is why we are here!

7. Make sure key people within your organization are involved in the meeting based on the material being covered. Additionally, determine a lead person in your organization to be the point of contact throughout the training process.

8. Review the online help videos prior to training session to get a head start on the material that will be covered.

9. Remember all the meetings are recorded for your convenience. You will have access to the recorded training sessions almost immediately after the meeting is complete. Use the videos as a resource for those who were unable to attend the meeting or for review.

10. Schedule consistent training sessions to ensure you are staying up to date with our latest functions & features.


Remember you can always purchase a block of time for continued online training sessions for you and your staff.