Let’s Talk Training!

Let’s Talk Training!

Bright AM

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They say that “employees are the backbone of any organization”, and “change is scary”, both of which I would agree with. Making the decision to integrate a modern, browser-based application like

Bluestreak | Bright-AM into your organization could intimidate even your strongest employees. So how do you keep your employees on board, dare I say- even happy, during this software transition? By offering them clear, thorough, and hands- on training!

Here at Throughput | Bluestreak | Bright-AM, we offer a variety of virtual training and onsite training options. We have a plethora of training videos that cover all areas of our software. In addition, we offer personalized virtual training sessions with our highly knowledgeable trainers. Furthermore, we recommend attending our Train the Trainer courses throughout the year. This 3-day training experience is where your key staff members come to our headquarters in Delafield, WI to learn about new features & functionalities, review any questions about our existing modules, and get to interact with other customers. Feel more comfortable in your own environment? Our trainers can come to you!

We understand the sheer importance of training. We want to make the transition for you and your staff as smooth as possible because change is scary…. but inevitable!