The Result of Dismissing Innovation in Additive Manufacturing

The Result of Dismissing Innovation in Additive Manufacturing

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The benefits of Additive Manufacturing (AM) are clear, mainly the ability to produce complex parts in a cost-efficient manner and customization. So, why are companies dismissing innovation in AM?

There is a great deal of resistance in the industry to implement new solutions because of fear, which holds them back. This includes the fear that implementation will be too much to handle, that AM could disrupt operations, that the system might be overwhelming for the staff, or that the good still won’t outweigh the bad.

Dismissing Innovation in AM Comes at a Cost

Companies often don’t factor in the cost of inefficiency when looking at the P&L. They don’t measure the amount of scrap or rework they have, and therefore, they don’t know how to calculate the impact of having to repeat processes due to mistakes. They also fail to measure lapses in certification and what that means for workflow and how it negatively impacts their business, not only in efficiency but also profit.

They Miss Out on Automation with Customization

Defects in additive manufacturing typically originate due to four main reasons:

  1. Materials
  2. Process parameters
  3. Part design
  4. Machine kinematics

Defects can impact as much as one-fifth of Additive Manufacturing parts. However, tightly managing the process can eliminate even these mistakes.

The right software tools, such as Bluestreak | Bright AM, let you balance the need for customization with the efficiency of automation to improve the streamline.

They Miss Out on Additive Manufacturing Production Volume and Repeatability

One significant benefit of Additive Manufacturing is its ability to repeat a process with high-quality consistency. This leads to an increase in production volume, not only through timely execution but also through less rework, less scrap, and higher quality.

They Miss Out on Standardization

Standardization should look at every step throughout production and monitor each one. It’s essential to measure the design standards and identify errors before work or materials are wasted, as well as avoid rework and scrapping costly materials.

Quality should not be judged only by the end product. It should be integrated into every step, material, and process, including thermal history. All of this impacts the integrity of the product. The need for repeatability cannot be understated, especially when it comes to series production.

They Miss Out on the Efficient Use of Resources

Bluestreak | Bright AM workflow automation software helps address resources by tracking available materials and workforce, notifying you when materials are low and managing supplier information for quick re-supply.

How an MES/QMS Combination Helps with AM Process Planning

A Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is sometimes avoided because it requires planning and a systematic approach to implementation. However, it is necessary when optimizing resource management and enhancing product control efforts. The benefits of the AM planning process are enormous. The right software will allow for:

  • Real-time shop floor tracking
  • Enhanced focus on quality and consistency
  • Better data-driven decision making

Companies that have embraced innovation have seen first-hand how AM can transform production. Aerospace, medical, transportation, energy, consumer products, and others have significantly benefited from innovation in AM.

Having the right systems in place will enable you to scale business and avoid costly mistakes.

An Innovative and Extensible Real-Time MES/QMS for Additive Manufacturing

Bluestreak | Bright AM is an innovative and extensible real-time MES/QMS Additive Manufacturing software solution developed for better manufacturing production control and workflow management. Unlike other MES, QMS, ERP, or MRP systems, it has the built-in functionality required by Additive Manufacturing. From the front office to the shop floor, it provides end-to-end quality management tied directly to individual operators.

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