“Don’t get stuck in the middle of change”

“Don’t get stuck in the middle of change”

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Are you caught between the old and the new? If so, this can create negative consequences for both employees and businesses. Why do we get stuck in this middle ground and how can we prevent or minimize the impact?

Let’s first look at some contributing factors.

1. Optional Change-The perception that change is optional is typically tied to a lack of accountability.

2. Parallel Systems- Parallel system change can leave employees with a choice to work in the new way or the old way because both are available to use.

3. Defective Change– The best-designed solutions can still have unforeseen problems when put into practice, even those handled using an Agile approach. Solution overlaps, gaps and glitches, insufficient end-user training, deficient job instructions and processes, and ambiguous roles and responsibilities can leave employees stuck.

4. Misaligned Performance Management System– When performance objectives and goals are not aligned with the change, employees will tend to work toward the measures that they are graded against.

5. Personal Preference- A common form of employee resistance is choosing not to change.

Fortunately, these contributors are not permanent. They can be prevented with forethought, planning and action to overcome them. These and other contributing factors are all forms of project risk and resistance to change that you can address via traditional risk management practices.

Using proactive strategies to prevent people from getting stuck in the middle ground between old and new begins with analyzing the probability that the contributing factors described above will occur in the change your organization is planning. If warranted, develop risk response and control plans for the scenarios you expect may be problematic.

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