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Key Results

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Greater Shop Floor Productivity, Control and Quality Management

  • By empowering your operators with access to critical information, such as processing data, part pictures, drawings, purchase orders, etc., you’ll save valuable time and increase productivity!
  • Monitor all work-in-progress at every stage of processing so decisions can be made quickly and problems can be addressed before they escalate 
  • Convenience – Receive exact status checks on any order anywhere, anytime and on any device that allows Internet access
  • A paperless environment will increase efficiencies on the shop floor and operational agility throughout the organization 
  • Access to complete, detailed real-time and historical data associated with all aspects of a Work Order​

Monitor all work in progress, at every stage of processing – from contract review to shipment.  Empower your operators by giving them access to critical information such as processing data, part pictures, drawings, purchase orders and more!  By providing operators and supervisors with critical information and valuable time, Bright AM I Production Pathway™ delivers greater shop floor productivity. 

Key Features

In addition to the core functionality of managing and tracking work in progress, Bright AM I Production Pathway™ enables:

  • Access to complete, detailed real-time and historical data associated with every work order load in every work center – such as a furnace, plating line, or sorter
  • Collecting, searching and viewing processing history – such as tempering history. This feature is fully extendable to other types of relevant data collection specific to your shop environment
  • Necessary adjustments in processing with live data
  • Quick and easy recording of important processing data – anytime, anywhere – during production
  • Real-time notification of work order changes – pushed directly to operators on the shop floor
  • A paperless shop floor and front office
  • Touch-screen interaction for shop floor personnel
  • Exact status checks of an order ANYWHERE you have Internet access
  • Attachment of related media such as purchase orders, shop drawings, part pictures, etc.
  • Tracking of direct machine time and direct labor time for every process in a work order
  • Tracking of user-defined, indirect labor time, such as machine maintenance
  • Real-time tracking and automation of CAPAs associated with a given load or operational step
  • Integration with electronic charting systems
  • Enforcement of calibration checks for equipment
  • Viewing/adding of quality data directly within Bright AM I Production Pathway™

What our users are saying
about Bright AM

“We were losing customer parts, didn’t know what order a skid of parts belonged to, and were not able to track each Part in the work order through all of the required steps of processing.  Now, with Bright AM I am happy to say that we have a handle on this.  We can now monitor all work in progress, at every stage of processing, from order entry and contract review all the way through to shipment. We now have a prioritized job list to give our production floor staff a quick view of all the work available to them in their particular work center, processing notes, pictures, videos, and any other media we want to attach to make sure the job is done right. It has improved our overall quality and reduced our re-work because we can now tie quality management initiatives directly to individual equipment operators on the production floor.”