ITAR/EAR – User Viewing Restrictions
Key Solutions

Bright AM I ITAR/EAR™ has the depth and breadth to implement and manage all aspects of a compliance program.

  • Easy-to-access audit trails
  • Manage and control sensitive information such as processing instructions, quality specifications, quality test results, and any media like part drawings, customer procedures, etc.
  • Limit distribution to safe recipients (traceable communication)

ITAR/EAR regulations are required by the US Department of State to regulate the export and import of U.S. military and defense related equipment and information affecting the manufacturing, sales and distribution of technology.  It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to ensure their supply chain is ITAR certified or ITAR compliant.  Non compliance could result in substantial penalties, both civil and criminal. ​

Like all Bright AM™ solutions, iTAR/EAR is 100% browser-based and can run on nearly any device or operating system—PC, Mac, tablets, eReaders and smartphones providing anytime and anywhere access to information.

What our users are saying
about Bright AM™

“We were thrilled to find out that Bluestreak Bright AM was a solution we could use that had the breadth and capability to manage all aspects of our compliance program, whether it was ITAR/EAR or our own company policy related to user viewing of sensitive business information. Since implementing this software, we can manage and control sensitive information, limit distribution to safe recipients, with traceable communication and easy-to-access audit trails. We can also more easily enforce Classification.”