Key Solutions

Reduce higher maintenance costs, failure rates and downtime. 

  • Identify problems quickly to prescribe immediate solutions
  • Capture the start and stop times of the inspection, view the inspection instructions, record notes, and indicate if the inspection is a pass or fail.
  • Gain real-time access to critical reporting metrics
  • Automate the process of generating work orders based on priority

Bright AM | iMaintain™ is a key component of the Bright AM™ Quality Management System, (QMS) and is integrated with other Bright AM™ modules. It is designed for any business that needs a better way to manage, plan and schedule the maintenance and use of production equipment, other company assets and even the building/grounds. iMaintain™ is an effective preventive maintenance (PM) tool, allowing businesses to instantly visualize resourcing issues, schedule regular PM tasks or one-off Maintenance Orders. Now, any employee has the ability to issue a maintenance order anytime they see an issue or potential problem. Additionally Bright AM | iMaintain™ tracks up/down time, labor hours and repair costs. And like all of the Bright AM™ modules, Bright I iMaintain™ is 100% browser-based; this means there is no software to install and it can run on nearly any device. — tablet or smartphone, PC or Mac.

Key Features

Is integrated with other Bright AM™ modules:

  • Maintenance is tied directly to Production, equipment Specifications and job Scheduling
  • Operators can issue a new Maintenance Order during a load setup and can be prevented from using an out-of-service piece of equipment or one scheduled for maintenance   
  • Automatically track load counts for specifications that have both time and load variables

Maintenance orders are built using extremely flexible “processes” that support:

  • Unlimited steps – each step can be individually trackable      
  • Unlimited Media – attach photos, drawings, schematics, PDF’s, Word Documents,spreadsheets, video, etc. – any electronic document
  • Unlimited data collection – gather any type of data associated with the asset being maintained
  • Unlimited Specifications – make sure the operator is qualified to perform the process step or renew your furnace’s 2750D/E qualifications    
  • Unlimited Notes can be captured

Equipment documentation includes:

  • Unlimited media – any type of electronic document/file or URL (prints, electrical schematics, ladder logic, pumps, refractory, etc.)
  • Unlimited specifications and compliance requirements
  • Preventive maintenance history and repair tracking
  • Utilize Bluestreak I Global Communications Hub™ to send out automatic notifications related to asset maintenance      
  • Parts/Vendors list (fan, bearing, belts, electric motors, rollers, contractors, etc.)          
  • Furnace, oven or equipment class definition

Bright AM | iMaintain™ can also be used for any company assets (vehicles, office equipment, interior/exterior building upkeep, grounds, etc.).

What our users are saying
about Bright AM

“We wanted to have a quality management system that would include equipment maintenance, both out in the shop and in the office, as well as vehicles, building and grounds maintenance.  There just wasn’t anything out there, until we found Bright AM by Bluestreak™.  Now we have a better way to manage, plan and schedule the maintenance and use of production equipment and other company assets as an effective preventive maintenance tool.  Also, we can now track up/down time, labor hours and repair costs.  A huge benefit is that now our maintenance can be tied directly to production, equipment specifications and job scheduling.”