Global Communications Hub
Key Solutions

Automatically notify subscribers of events relevant to job function, or a triggering event, such as; parts ready to pick-up, a quote expiring, a non-conformance, changes to a job and more. 

  • Alleviate department silos with one unified database solution that connects the sales team, senior management, shop-floor personnel and customers.
  • Provide your customers with unparalleled service

Bright AM  I Global  Communications Hub™, which is fully integrated with the other modules, provides subscribers with relevant, real-time notifications via email, internal Bluestreak messaging, or text messaging.

When an operator is about to start a load, they can be immediately notified that changes have been made to processing requirements, or customers can be automatically updated with pre-defined events that are important to them, such as when parts are completed and ship. Getting the right information to the right people at the right time is crucial in maintaining your commitment to quality and continual improvement.

Key Features

  • Full integration with all Bright AM™ modules
  • The ability to push an ever-growing list of notifications to interested subscribers, such as:
    • Pickup Request
    • Order – Entered
    • Order – Ready To Ship
    • Order – On Truck/Delivered
    • Order – No Tracking Activity
    • Order – On Hold
    • Order – Promised but not Delivered
    • Nonconformance Generated
    • Concern/Complaint Generated
    • Corrective/Preventive Action (CAPA) Generated
    • Specifications exceptions and qualification expirations for equipment, personnel and vendors.
    • iMail allows Bright AM™ users to communicate natively within Bright AM™, so they do not have to switch back and forth between Bright AM™ and email.
    • Bright AM™ users are automatically notified of any new iMail messages.
    • Senders can see the status of sent iMail: Did the recipient read the message? Delete it? Delete it without reading it?
    • Receive real-time communications from customers via iMail, email or text message through Bright AM I Customer Connector™.
    • Easily manage groups of notifications and subscribers for each specific notification event.
    • Specified Bright AM events automatically trigger notifications, so users do not have to manually create a notification for a given event.
    • Customers can independently manage their notification subscriptions via Bright AM I Customer Connector™.  

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What our users are saying
about Bright AM

“We needed better communications between the front office and the shop floor, as well as between the various departments. Bluestreak Bright AM™ pushes real-time notifications through text messaging or email of relevant job functions or triggering events that may occur from time to time. A customer can now be notified automatically when their parts are ready to pick up or a quote is expiring, or a supervisor can be notified when a job reaches a critical processing step, or if a nonconformance has occurred, or if changes were made to a job.  We also use this for our truck drivers and sales people on the road. It helps us greatly to keep everyone in the loop on what is going on.”