Customer Connector
Key Results

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Greatly Reduce the Amount of Time Your Staff Spends Answering Customer’s Questions by Empowering Customers to Self-serve, Placing Information Into Their Hands.

  • Make it easy for customers to do business with you
  • Set yourself apart from your competitors by offering your customers access to their orders 24/7 anytime, they want their information
  • Free up your time (to do more important jobs), by letting customers view/print out their shippers, quotes, invoices, payments, etc

Organizations are shifting from an Information Age “informing” model to a Communication Age “communicating and engaging” model. Social Software for business will reach a new level of adoption with applications to enhance relationships, collaboration, networking, social validation, and more.

How many phone calls do you receive daily from customers inquiring about order status?  How much productivity is lost fielding these calls?  With Bright AM I Customer Connector™, your customers have on-line, real-time, 24/7 access to order status, certification statements, work order history, and more.  Offering true flexibility, you decide what level of access is right for each customer. You stay in control.

Distinguish yourself from competitors by delivering the right information to customers with the click of a button. Unburdened from numerous order status calls, your customer service personnel can focus on proactive, strategic customer care.  High-touch customer care builds loyalty and directly contributes to your top-line.  Now that’s smart business.

Key Features

Empower your customers with these important self-service tools.
Give them real-time access to:


  • Powerful search capability based on: dates, part numbers,
    counts, weights, job numbers, processing requirements,
    alloys, purchase orders, etc.
  • Order status: received, in process, ready to ship, on the truck, delivered, shipped, and invoiced
  • Work-in process information for every part

Parts Logistics

  • “Inventory” for parts in process and completed
  • A list of all unique part numbers processed in the last 50 orders. See real-time counts of each part number in every stage of processing – from receiving to invoicing

Shipment Details

  • View and print shippers with signatures and received date and time


  • View and print all certifications


  • View and print all quotes


  • View and print all invoices


  • View and print each payment applied and which invoice(s) it was applied against


  • View and print all issued credits

What our users are saying
about Bright AM

“I knew some of our customers were not happy with our level of customer service so we needed to fix this problem or risk losing customers to our competition. Since implementing the Bluestreak Customer Connector Portal™ we now have much happier customers and we have actually taken business away from our competitors because we gave them the ability to log into our system and see the status of their jobs, reprint shipping documents, quotes and certification statements. Our customers can now self-serve 24×7 and don’t need to call us and be put on hold while someone tracks down their information, and it saved our people about 4 hours a day of being on the phone to answer customer questions that they now can get for themselves quicker.”