Advanced Specifications Manager
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Managing specifications is always available, accessible, accurate and complete.​

  • Save time by automatically creating and maintaining a fully documented and secure audit trail
  • Automation will improve fragmented and error-prone processes 
  • Reduce costs and drive sustainability across your supply chain
  • Reduce inefficiencies by searching for specifications and related information
  • Accurate version control and detailed change history provides clear visibility for auditing purposes​

The exclusive Bright AM | Advanced Specifications Manager™ supports management of industry specifications, such as AIAG, API, AMS, AS, ASME, ASTM, ISO, NADCA, NADCAP, SAE, TS, etc., plus any internal and Prime’s specifications.  Bright AM’s™ innovative solution enables businesses to conform to specification requirements every time while automatically creating and maintaining a fully documented audit trail, containing management specification documents, requirements, media and more importantly, automatically cross-reference specifications to everything they impact – processing, equipment, personnel,vendors, and more.  Businesses don’t have to settle for independent silos of information anymore – connect and control everything pertaining to a specification, using a central, convenient, easy-to-manage tool.

Bright AM I Advanced Specifications Manager™ makes managing specifications simple and fast — saving you valuable time and money. Mission-critical information is always:

  • Available — making you substantially more responsive to staff, customers, vendors, and auditors; allowing you to provide new levels of service.
  • Accessible — dramatically reducing inefficiencies created searching for specifications and related information. You become more efficient and productive.
  • Accurate — ensuring that all work orders are processed within conforming specifications, thereby reducing organizational risk.
  • Complete — providing a total specification picture for every job, every time.

What our users are saying
about Bright AM

“In my business many of our customer orders require that we adhere to different types of Part processing Specifications, such as Nadcap, AS 9100, TS, MedAccred and others.  Sometimes we have our own internal quality-related Specifications, and those of a Prime government contractor that we need to follow and have the documentation to prove it. Using the Bluestreak Bright AM software has enabled us to conform to Specification requirements every time, automatically creating and maintaining a fully documented audit trail, with specification documents, requirements, operating instructions and media attached within the various operating steps of an overall Part Process.  Plus, the software automatically cross-references Specifications to everything they impact, such as processing steps, equipment, personnel and vendors through a Process Control Matrix.  It really simplifies our job processing by linking Quotes and Work Orders to the current specification requirements.”