Advanced Quality
Key Solutions

Take the human error out of Quality Data entry and reporting on certifications and have enforceable Risk Analysis built-into your Quality Management System.

  • Bright AM’s Advanced Quality component enables two fundamental features within your company’s  Quality Control Plan Characteristics- “Rounding” and “Converted Units”


The rounding features are extensible which allows Bright AM™ developers to add new rounding algorithms if needed in the future. Currently the ASTM E-29 – 08 specification is supported as well as the Boeing BAC-5650 specification (hardness results only).  Two other rounding algorithms based within Microsoft SQL Server are also provided.

With E-29, you can specify the rounding interval (rounded to nearest) and with BAC-5650, the rounding interval is set to the nearest 0.5 Rockwell number.

Converted Units

With this feature, Measured Units (UOM) can be specified in addition to the Reported Units (UOM).  This allows you to, for instance, record hardness in one scale and report the hardness in the scale your customer requires.  When the results are reported on the certification, the proper syntax will automatically be used – “ConvertedValue UOM (MeasuredValue UOM).”


Converted Units can be combined with Rounding for all of your variable-type control plan characteristics.  Additionally, Bright AM™ always stores all of the detailed quality test result data – Reported (Result), Measured, Converted, Rounded – so there is full transparency of the data for verification of how test values were collected and reported.

Trying to implement the Rounding and Converted units in a manual fashion by training inspectors is very difficult to do and is prone to numerous reporting errors.  The only realistic option is to have it done automatically by your quality system – Bright AM™.  Bright AM I Advanced Quality™ is designed for the demanding quality requirements of Nadcap, AS, TS and ISO accredited companies.  

For those companies that are ISO 9001: 2015, Bright AM™ also has a Risk Analysis and Risk Management component.