Advanced Control Plans/Sampling Plans
Key Solutions

Allows you to have a Work Order (or Job Traveler) with Part-specific Control Plans attached to it. 

  • Manufacturing efficiency is improved and your company’s bottom line is impacted in a positive manner
  • Reduce the amount of scrap generated by a process and reduce cost of waste 
  • Assure that any improvements are maintained over the life cycle of the part or product
  • Improve product quality by identifying the sources of variation in a process and establishing controls to monitor them
  • Improve quality and contain any non-conforming product prior to it leaving the work cell.

Attach sampling plans to control plan characteristics for selected customer parts with
Bright AM I Advanced Control/Sampling Plans™.

A Sampling Plan is a plan or procedure that gives you the number of samples you will need to check out of that batch (or lot size, or range) of Parts that you received from our Customer.  In other words, the minimum number that should be tested for whatever you’re testing (e.g. hardness, coating
thickness, etc.), in order to have a valid sampling of the processing you’ve done.

The Control Plan is an integral part of an effective product quality system. It improves product quality by identifying the sources of variation in a process and establishing controls to monitor and react to them.

Bright AM I Advanced Control/Sampling Plans™ effectively allows you to have a Work Order (or Job Traveler) with Part-specific Control Plans attached to it.  Additionally, you now have the added functionality of attaching Sampling Plans to Control Plan Characteristics.  

How closely do you need to control quality characteristics?  At the Work Order or at the Individual Operation?

Bright AM™ allows you to set up Sampling Plans with:

  • A fixed number of samples;
  • A percentage of Parts to determine samples;
  • An AQL (Acceptance Quality Limit) defined with the required samples for inspections.

Bright AM Sampling Plans™ helps you set up what is applicable to your requirements, and helps you control:

  • How many samples should be picked and inspected, among a batch of product or parts?
  • Where is the limit between acceptability and refusal, when it comes to defective products?

You can store all of your Sampling Plans within Bright AM™ which can be attached to a Control Plan Characteristic.  By setting the Sample Plan to the Control Plan Characteristic, Bright AM™ shows the production floor Operator how many samples are needed for a given lot size, or batch, or the Part quality you have set up on a particular Work Order.  And, you can use your own naming convention that “fits” your processing environment.

What our users are saying
about Bright AM

“We were looking for a software system for our shop floor that would allow us to have a work order or job traveler with part-specific control plans attached to it and are so glad we came across your software. An added plus was the additional functionality of attaching Sampling Plans to our specific Control Plan Characteristics, in order to have a valid sampling of the part processing we’ve done.”