5 Additive Manufacturing Industry Trends Making Scaling Simpler

5 Additive Manufacturing Industry Trends Making Scaling Simpler

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Bluestreak | Bright AM is impacting the landscape for all areas of Additive Manufacturing through having an influence in workflow software with a high input for quality assurance. Quality control management intertwines with lean production practices, assuring the right procedures are followed to reduce costs, improve schedule, and maintain full documentation. Streamlining parts through Additive Manufacturing has helped decrease overall expenses over the years, but improvements are still coming. Five major trends are helping the Additive Manufacturing industry scale and improve.

1. Implementing lean and agile methodologies to shift manufacturing quickly

Lean practices are heavily touted in construction and manufacturing, intertwined into Six-Sigma and the Lean Construction Institute. The agile workflows utilized through lean planning help you quickly adapt to the ever-changing needs of the consumers and take corrective measures for flaws and errors. When you discover a mistake on the production floor, you can shift resources to resolve the issue and proceed with the corrected tasks.

Quick adaptation to error and immediate changes due to demands allow for decreased wastes, fast and effective fixes, and less over-manufacturing of items no longer needed.

2. Adopting quality standardizations

The adoption of quality standards is not new to manufacturing, but for the newer Additive Manufacturing, standards and material specifications have not been fully adopted across the board. Bluestreak | Bright AM manages the specs for multiple industries, allowing quick access during audit and certificates of conformance for a finished product, with details for all aspects from start to finish. This alignment allows you to provide a higher quality product more consistently.

Our software tracks each item and material and every person involved throughout production. This results in a product with traceability in every aspect. Materials and equipment need the same critique against specifications, including heat tracing and assuring that they are not impacted by overheating during production. A quality process with quality materials leads to quality products, all of which Bluestreak | Bright AM can assist with.

3. Automating workflow through software

Adding to the adoption and tracking of standardizations, automating workflow not only streamlines the manufacturing process but also allows for quality monitoring from start to finish. Workflow software monitors incoming materials and pieces and designs, processes, and documents the results at every step to identify discrepancies and errors and make corrections quickly and efficiently. Workflows on the production floor have the most hidden insights, even into preventative maintenance.

When an item in production doesn’t meet a specification, you can identify it mid-process for correction. These integrations are made through web services or with direct integration into existing ERP/MRP systems. When a product doesn’t meet the end-of-production quality control checks, you can look back and use the collected data to find the error and fix it before future ones occur.

4. Having connectivity between all users

We live in a connected world that shouldn’t stop at social media and emails. One of the greatest benefits of Bluestreak | Bright AM is being able to see progress on your shop floor from anywhere you can access your dashboard. Those who stay competitive are those who can stay ahead of the curve in products, pricing, and quality. When you can track your KPIs at each step of production—from the arrival of parts to each additive process—you know that you have a quality product. You also know when to stop and fix production if the KPIs are not being met.

The elements tied together through shop-floor notifications include equipment monitoring, quality supervision, employee monitoring, and material tracking. Shop-floor tracking with Bluestreak | Bright AM has immediate notification and increased connectivity and builds confidence in your Additive Manufacturing process to set you ahead of the competitors.

5. Having well-trained employees

You cannot deny the benefit of a phenomenal team to make everything function cohesively. With Bluestreak | Bright AM, you get the full package of software to interconnect your shop floor and notifications, as well as the resources to fully train your team. The Additive Manufacturing industry is struggling to acquire qualified individuals to continue growth and increase production.

Additive Manufacturing industry trends are shaping the way for better manufacturing, but the automation of workflow and quality assurance will help increase profits, decrease waste, save time, and provide an overall better product. Bluestreak | Bright AM provides not only workflow software but also all the tools to integrate and train your team. From start to finish, from incoming pieces to finished product, and from new employee to well-trained production teammate, Bluestreak | Bright AM has the solutions for every step of your Additive Manufacturing industry workflow. The more control you have, the faster you can produce and scale your products.

If your service includes Additive Manufacturing, we provide specific solutions in our Bright AM software. To request an Additive Manufacturing software demo, click here!